Mahindra Blues Music Festival - Gallery

The ninth edition of Asia’s largest blues celebration - the Mahindra Blues Festival - featured the biggest acts from across the globe. Blues experts like Beth Hart, Charlie Musselwhite, Sugaray Rayford, Brandon Santini along with Arinjoy Trio representing the Indian act came together for a soulful and exquisite evening for Mumbai audiences.

Fifty years of non-stop touring, performing and recording, Charlie Musselwhite has won 35 Blues Music Awards, been nominated 12 times for the Grammy Awards, taking home his first Grammy win in 2015 for his collaboration with Ben Harper on Get Up! Watch a glimpse from his performance with other artistes in the video below:

The winner of the Mahindra Blues band hunt – Blue Temptation performed on both days and entertained the audience with their originals ranging from electric blues to soulful and groovy music. Stay tuned to SoundBox India for more news and updates.