Maninder Bhuttar comes out with a new song Jamila!
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After the success of Sakhiyaan, Punjabi singer Maninder Bhuttar is back with another song. His latest dance track Jamila features music composed by MixSingh and lyrics written by Babbu. The song is released under While Hill Music.

Since Sakhiyaan was a romantic track, Bhuttar’s efforts in making a dance – fun number have paid well. With only a few days since its release, the music video has already received more than 11 million views.

Along with the music, it is the music video which is quite unlike the Bhuttar we knew earlier. Showcasing his fun and quirky side in the music video, Bhuttar can be seen wearing Arabian style clothing and driving around the desert in some expensive cars.

The music is groovy and definitely different from most of the EDM tunes we get to listen to these days. Will you be playing this song at your party? Let us know in the comments section below.

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