Marshmello has a message for broken hearts in Paralyzed
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Marshmello is one of the most followed EDM artistes today. After releasing the Bollywood-flavoured Biba, he switched to a western sound for Light up, which featured Tyga and Chris Brown. Marshmello's most recent work is the official music video of Paralyzed, from his 2018 solo album Joytime II.

The music video starts with a scene in which Marshmello breaks up with his girlfriend. He feels low for the next few days. Unable to get over the heartbreak, he is consoled by his father, who shares his own college break-up story and hands his son a note that eventually helped him to move on with his own life.

It’s only after reading that note that Marshmello goes out to live his life to the fullest. The mote that helped two individuals to overcome heartbreak and tide through difficult times included a beautiful message: “Before you can put time into others, you must first put time and value into yourself.”

How true! 

The music is not different from the version in the playlist. But the video is definitely inspiring and gives out positive vibes. 

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