MC Altaf leads gully rap to Code Mumbai 17

One of the youngest rappers from Mumbai,  MC Altaf is out with a new song titled Code Mumbai 17. This number has a new music video which features 7 Bantaiz and a few scenes from Altaf’s live gig.

Since the release of Gully Boy, rappers like MC Altaf have received the recognition they need to start putting out original rap songs. Altaf's previous release Wazan hai was more of a two-step groove with electronic music elements. But Code Mumbai 17 is all about melody and a '90s hip hop tune.

Watch the music video below:

Video Url

This old school groove is composed by DRJ Sohail and mastered by Alex Gordon from Abbey Road Studios (London). Yes, the slang style of gully rap has gone international!

The lyrics are by MC Altaf and the music video is directed by Shubham Dolas. Code Mumbai 17 has been released by Most Wanted Records.

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