Mika releases Nach Baby with his fellow Singh

Mika Singh has released a new single titled as Nach Baby which also features Indian-American singer Biba Singh. This song will also be a debut for Biba. It was Biba’s wish to sing alongside Mika. This Punjabi number will leave you amazed and the music never leaves its desi essence.

Apparently, Mika had promised Biba that he would give her a break under his banner Music and Sound, if he ever launches one. Staying true to his words, Biba’s wish to sing with Mika was fulfilled. He said, “I am happy that I could complete Biba's lifelong dream.”

Excited by the audience reaction Biba says, “He has been an inspiration to me for the last 25 years and to be able to make my singing debut with him is just unbelievable. I am utterly thankful to him. The journey of making this song has been very creative, beautiful and satisfying.” 
Check the video for the song below and let us know if you think Mika is great at finding desi talents?

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