Mike Posner is back with Move on!
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The unforgettable voice of Mike Poser heard in I took a pill in Ibiza had been silent for a few years. But now Mike is back with a new track titled Move on. The singer released the song only a couple of days into 2019 and fans already love it. With no music producers or a DJ featured, this original track is an inspiring number to listen to at the start of a year.

Other than Mike’s selfie video cuts throughout the film, he talks about a lot of things that he wants to move on from. The singer reveals actual footage of his dad having fun even tho he was suffering from brain cancer at the time.

But that isn’t the only thing which has the listeners heartbroken - Mike also shares rare footage of him and Avicii talking before a concert. Following this he reveals the sadness he felt after his friend passed away. We all know it wasn’t just Mike in the music industry who wept at the loss of such a talented music producer, but is there anyone else who said it out loud through music?

The music isn’t a dance number, but the house-like beats with the sounds of the acoustic guitar make it a refreshing tune. The singer also announced that he will be walking across America starting March 1, 2019 - could this be the date that his tour begins? What do you think?