Milo na tum, sings Gajendra Verma to Tina Ahuja…

Have you heard the latest recreation to do the rounds? This one is the long-ago hit called Milo na tum from the Chetan Anand-directed Heer Ranjha (1970), composed by Madan Mohan with lyrics by Kaifi Azmi and sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Want your memory jogged a bit?

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And now the recreation bug has hit this one too. Gajendra Verma, the Haryanvi munda who made headlines with Tune mere jaana, the composer of music for Table No 21 in 2011-12 and various other productions, has zhuzhed up the oldie with funk and frippery and made it his own. The music video just released and features the composer-singer along with Tina Ahuja – yes, Govinda’s daughter – and Roman Khan. The video is directed by Aman Prajapat. The tune has been made more contemporary, with sections harking back to the old tune, and influences of Coldplay and AR Rahman are audible.

Take a look/listen to the recreated Milo na tum

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The story told is a bit of a cliché – girl sees boy, boy sees girl and sparks fly. They dance on the street along with a whole horde of others and then take off together on an exceedingly macho motorbike. The original escort – beau? – of the girl is left glowering villainously as his lady takes off with the other man. What happens next? Who knows!

What did you think of the song Milo na tum in its new avatar? Do tell us!