The music-man challenges his fans to write updated lyrics for Urvasi Urvasi!

Challenge and AR Rahman tend to be full-time partners, jigri dost, idli-sambhar, burger-fries or even thunder-lightning. Yes, almost everything the Mozart of Madras – as he used to be called – has a twist to it, a certain something special, a bite in the behind, as it were. Now, for a change, instead of challenging himself, AR Rahman is asking his fans to do something that many would consider great fun, others would find difficult and a few would walk away from…backwards!

The thing is, in 1994, for a film called Kadhalan, Rahman composed a song called Urvasi Urvasi. This one was sung by Suresh Peters, Shahul Hameed and Rahman.  He still ranks it among his best pieces and while there have been various versions created over the years, he now wants fans to come up with a special new take on the lyrics of the song. He recently tweeted: “Friends, it’s time for you to wear your creative hat again! You were so creative 2 years ago when we recreated Urvashi with new lyrics. Send us your best lines & we’ll include them in our performance in Chennai on Aug 10th at YMCA Grounds. No Politics, please #RecreateUrvashi”.

The original song had lyrics that mixed nonsense with a hint of sense and went something like this:

Oorvasi, Oorvasi, take it easy Oorvasi
Oosi pola odambirunda thevayille pharmacy
Vaazhkkayil vellave take it easy policy
Vaanavil Vaazhkkayil valibam oru fantasy
Pesadi rathiye rathiye, Tamizhil vaarthaigal moonru laksham
Neeyadi gadhiye gadhiye rendu solladi kuraintha paksham
Vaazhkayil vellave ...
Oliyum Oliyil current pona take it easy policy

Can you top that? People have already started sending in responses on Twitter, and we wait to find out which Rahman will choose.

Meanwhile, keep yourself amused and entertained with these versions of the song:

  • Urvasi Urvasi (Kadhalan)
Video Url
  • Urvashi Urvashi (Kabir Singh)
Video Url
  • Urvashi (feminist version, Breakthrough)
Video Url
  • Urvashi (Mahesh Raghavan)
Video Url
  • It’s my birthday (will I am)
Video Url

Which is your favourite? Tell us!