Naezy’s latest rap will inspire you
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Rapper Naezy has been on a roll since Gully Boy, which is loosely based on his life, performed spectacularly at the box office. He also contributed to the film and performed for the soundtrack. He has pioneered the Mumbai rap scene which is now exploding in popularity due to Gully Boy.

He just released his latest song which is called Dhoond le. In the intro of the song, he dedicates it to the troubled youth. The song is interesting as Naezy has written very deep and introspective lyrics. However, he raps them at breakneck speed. The song has a fun beat but is one that will make you think.

Naezy is urging the youth to reflect on their lives and make something of themselves. Having grown up in poverty and experienced all kinds of troubles he is writing these lyrics from experience.  He rose up from a difficult position and became one of India’s favourite rappers. Anyone can make it big in life. But for that to happen we need to find our goals. That is the message he is trying to convey through this song.

The video is also really interesting. It opens with Naezy standing under a sign that reads ‘Kurla.’ This is very symbolic since Kurla is the area where Naezy grew up. His experiences over there were the inspiration of many of his songs. He is then shown in different locations around Mumbai. They are shown as they are, giving us an authentic picture.

Naezy has helped rap become big in India. Rapping about the struggles he and many others have faced has resonated with the masses. Dhoond le is one hell of an inspiring rap that not only his fans but anyone would love.