Neeti Mohan: I love singing classical music!

Singer Neeti Mohan talks to Joanne D'silva about her electro-folk rendition of Aaoge na, her experience working with Aditya Dev and Payal Dev, her take on recreating old songs in Bollywood and her upcoming projects...

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You’ve sung in the third episode of electro-folk - a rendition of Aaoge na.  How was your experience?  

I love the electro-folk series and I thought it was very interesting. The song was a folk-ish or classical-folk number, a very nice song. I love the song Aaoge na and I have never heard a female version. So I got to sing that and we matched it up with Kesariya balam. Payal is an amazing singer -  I'm glad, because girls don’t often get to sing together. It is always a boy and a girl. I was so happy Payal and I got to sing together. Aditya Dev composed the series, so we really had a family time.  

What's your take on recreating old tracks? 

I think my take is that please, let's do some more songs like that, because it is educating our younger gen. Otherwise there is so much more being released that you don’t get time to listen to the old songs. 

For the first time you’ve collaborated with Payal Dev - how was your experience? 

She is so talented! She writes, she composes. I think Aditya and Payal are among the most talented musician couples. They are so sweet and good human beings. I so want to sing more for her - and she is writing more songs!  

Any memorable incidents with a fan that you remember?  

I think fans are really, really very sweet and I have a lot of adorable fan groups on Instagram. And they are too cute, they write to me, 'Didi can you give us your picture', 'Didi, can you share this' - and I find that too sweet, as if I have ten younger sisters and brothers now. They all call me and tell me, 'Didi, can we do this' and sometimes they will ask me to do puzzles and riddles. It’s too cute - I love that! And it is not that they do it once, they are on it all the time. Right now, if I check my Instagram, I'll have a lot of questions, or they WhatsApp me and tell me each and everything that they do and think. They even told me that 'We are liking the new song' and 'We like this about you'. They are the sweetest people ever.  

What is more satisfying - making independent music, or making music for films?  

I think both. I love singing - it can be in a basement, it can be outside, it can be on stage or maybe in a recording studio. I feel that any time I'm singing, I just feel the connection, and I love that.  

Does the genre of the song matters to you?

Not really. I always wanted to sing for Bollywood because you get to sing different genres like a folk, dance tracks, love songs, etc. I've sung every kind of song, from Ishq wala love to Bang bang to Nainowale ne - they are all very different and I love doing that, because I feel that I have never seen myself fixed in one genre.  

What genre of songs have you enjoyed singing most? 

I love singing classical music.   

What’s your favourite track you have sung?  

You know, it is tough to say, but I love Nainowale ne. I like the way Sanjay Leela Bhansali has made me sing that song, because it was something new. I was surprised after I heard it.  

What’s next on the list?  

Some more recordings, TV shows...  

What about Bollywood? 

Acting? Music, yes, of course, but no acting. I love singing and I think I will stick to this. And that’s why I do music videos.