A new duet from Tulsi Kumar and Jubin Nautiyal!
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The second song from Electro Folk featured Tulsi Kumar and Jubin Nautiyal singing their rendition of Ta chuma – a folk song from the state of Uttarakhand. Ta chuma was originally composed by Narendra Singh Negi. But adding his own mix of electronic elements, Aditya Dev - the main music composer for this musical series - makes it more fresh and new and funky. Backed by T-Series, this set will have six more singers and their electro renditions of folk songs.

This is the first time Jubin Nautiyal and Tulsi Kumar have come together musically and their voices sound perfect together in a duet.

The music for this one is well mixed by Aditya. The sounds of classical instruments are meant to be the main highlight. From the very first second, you will hear at least one classical instrument- from tutari to mandolin. But contrary to expectation, the electro synths were hardly used. The most interesting part was the mandolin, which added a special flavour. Ta chuma revisited is a folk number you would enjoy grooving to, just like Tulsi and Jubin do in the music video.

Keeping folk music alive in the crowd of commercial Bollywood songs while minimising the use of electronic sounds is a good initiative by the music label. Kudos to T-Series for this collaboration of two different genres!

Have you heard the new song Ta chuma? Here it is!

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