OMG! Adnan Sami’s Twitter account has been hacked!

After the news of Amitabh Bachchan's Twitter account being hacked, we that Adnan Sami's Twitter account was also broken into. Both their profile pictures were replaced with that  of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

Also, flags of Turkey and Pakistan were posted and the hackers captioned the pictures with: "We would be happy to visit our brother country Pakistan and have a cup of tea with your esteemed Prime Minister. This will be a great opportunity to visit your country and meet our brothers. Imran Khan."

While such posts are indeed spooky, Adnan Sami's profile was restored with the blue tickd, though his tweet history was missing. He confirmed the news on his account and wrote, "My account has been hacked. Support me on this account. Retweet please." Check out the post right here. 

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