Papon's Rasta jahan to find a place on road trip essentials!
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It isn’t just the Bollywood which has been giving the independent singers and musicians a chance to showcase their talent to the audience. With the growing popularity of web series in India, indie music has been reaching new heights. But this is only possible with the support of experienced musicians – like Papon who we are talking about in this case.

The singer has a new song called Rasta jahan which is included in season two of the Tripling web series. The music is composed by Nilotpal Bora and written by Hussain Haidry.

Listening to the short version of the song, there are some beautiful acoustic compositions accompanied by well-written lyrics meant to sing along with your friends. This is what makes Rasta jahan a perfect song for a road trip with your besties.

Papon has confirmed that there will be a full version of the song coming out very soon. Are you playing it on your road trip? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to SoundboxIndia for updates.