Post Malone and DJ Khaled to collaborate for a new single?

Music producer - DJ Khaled is rumored to be teaming up with Post Malone. He recently shared a video with Post Malone from his studio and dropped hints on his upcoming album Father of Asad. Check out his post below:

For those who don’t know, Asad is the name of his son who got featured on Khaled’s No brainer song which also featured Justin Bieber, Quavo and Chance The Rapper. The music producer has worked with a number of different rappers and singers but never really got a chance to make a song with the Rockstar singer. So now that he has already got Malone in the studios, do you think there would be someone else to join this collaboration?

Who do you think would be perfect to join Malone for Khaled’s another one of many chartbusters? We can’t wait to find out other artistes who will be featured on Father of Asad. Stay tuned to SoundBox India for more news and updates from the world of music.