Prashant Ingole: My whole intention of songwriting is to understand the script!

How do you work on a song? Do you read the script, or do you watch the film?

Every song and every situation for me is important. So, for me to understand the value of any situation I have to understand the character. I have to get into the skill of the character and to understand the whole script altogether. So, to do that I have to sit with the director and understand the whole script and that is what I do. I love reading scripts. While I was writing songs for Mary Kom I still remember that I read the script four-five times. It is very important that one song that we write is forever in the archaic and once the song is recorded it is irreversible. So, my whole intention of songwriting is to understand the script, sit with the director, music director and then executive the song. Mangesh the director of the film has been amazing. I have bothered him a lot whenever the song was prepared he use to go ahead and educate me and explain to me the whole character on how the situation is before and after. Like, he used to explain to me the entire screenplay where I already knew the whole script. So, for me, I was skin-deep into the script. And that is why I was able to execute these songs in a very good way. And I feel every writer should listen to the script, read the script and that is what helps them. Malhari for that matter the song is a big hit and it is the best cult song as yet whereever it plays. Like, last week the song was played in America's Got Talent and a month ago it was played at World Of Dance. So, I feel that I want to do and want to create legacy instead of making money in this industry.  

Which is your favourite song from the soundtrack of Malaal

The favourite track from Malaal is yet to come. It is not Aila re and not Udhaal ho but it is the title track of Malaal. So, that is my favourite track from the film as it has a lot of intense, good lyrics a lot of emotions been put together in poetry. And I have super eager and excited to see it and I hope people love it too. I feel that the song will connect to every heart who has gone through pain or going through pain. 

In Udhal ho, which is your favourite scene between Shiva and Aastha?

The best scene for me in Udhal ho is the last segment where they both walk for the aarti and when the chanting happens, "Dono ka hoga kalyanam, do dil ye honge ek jaanam" So, I find that part very beautiful and at that time Shiva puts a teeka on Aastha and she looks at him and joins hands in front of god and turns around. I think that is a beautiful element where it shows an Indian girls elegance also the innocence of the character who has fallen in love but he is a roadside boy. But when they fall in love it is so pure and nice so that is the main scene in the song for me. 

Aila re and Udhal ho are getting a good response- What are your expectations for the rest of the songs? 

Yes, Aila re and Udhal ho has got an amazing response and I am really happy that the audience is reciprocating the original soundtrack because unfortunately Bollywood has been strummed by remixes in the last five years. And I just feel happy and lucky that these two songs are getting great reviews from the audience and promoting the song. So, I think that is the best thing for the artist and honestly, I am not expecting much from the album and I believe karma is the key and eventually, the best thing as an artist we can do is to put our art in whatever research we do, the time w invest in making the song. So, we have put in a lot of effort to make the song in the film, Malaal but if the audience like it it is a bonanza for us. And if they don't like it then maybe I have to think about what I can do better in future. I think that is how we learn and learning should never stop. 

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After Malaal, are you working on any new projects?

Yes after Malaal I have two projects releasing next year and they are massive projects and I am really excited for them. And coming to this year I have done a Hollywood movie I have dub in Toy Story 4. So that is releasing in this month itself in June and I am super excited about this. Also, I am directing my Marathi feature film so  I am working on that. I am also directing two short film one is on education and the other one is of old age. So, I want to give back to the world and educate people about small things. I feel that is what we have to do and contribute to society and I am really happy. I also believe that quality is more important than volume so I am just doing a few projects as of now. I'm also happy that I am in a league of Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali sir and some great filmmakers in India.