Rangreziyan is a soulful composition
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Everyone loves a good romantic song. Whether you’re missing or longing for someone or just wish you were in love they are perfect for those moods. An amazing new romantic song is Rangreziyan by Vaibhav Vashishta, a new singer. The lyrics have been written by Ravi Yadav.

The best part of the song is the elaborate composition. Multiple instruments have been used which can be heard prominently at different points in the video. They include a tabla, bansuri, santoor and violin. These different instruments give the song a different sound.

Vaibhav Vashishta has a really soulful voice as well. The only thing is that hundreds of songs have been sung like this for decades. As a result, Rangreziyan sounds pretty cliché, even bordering on cheesy.

The video is nice but again very cliché. It just shows a man played by Vaibhav Vashishta with his girlfriend, played by Rashmi Gupta. The opening of the video seems good where she picks up a picture of him. Whether he is dead or they have broken up, it’s up to the viewers to decide. As she reminisces about their time together, it gets super cliché, especially the last shot where they embrace in the sunset.

If you’re into super romantic songs then Rangreziyan is probably the perfect song for you. But if you’re not, then you’ll find it cheesy. The elaborate composition might make up for it though.

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