Rapsody plays Who Knows Ria Better!

Rapsody is a multi-genre band from the city of Mangalore. The group's musical journey has been very inspiring and one heckuva story to tell everyone. The band includes six talented people - Ria Dsouza, Ashish Palanna, Aditya Ahir, Anthony Lobo, Karan Chitra Deshmukh and Varun Rao.

SoundboxIndia invited Rapsody to the studio and played an innovative game with the band called Who Knows Ria Better? Now you might wonder why we thought about this game... Don't worry, you get your answers right here...

Since Ria is the only female vocalist in the band, she was most delighted that we wanted to know how well the boys in the band know her. We asked them simple questions about her favourite things and all her firsts. The boys were not bad and were quick with their answers. How many of them got it right? Do they really know Ria? Check out the video right here and be entertained. We were!

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