RD Burman’s work to be featured in a new museum in Tripura!

The government of Tripura recently announced the establishment of a new museum being created to showcase the work of a very well known musical figure: Rahul Dev Burman. Born into the royal family of the state, RD Burman – also known as Pancham – made music that had never been heard before in Hindi cinema, and that has never been heard since. Chief Minister of Tripura Biplab Kumar Deb said that he had invited RD Burman’s widow Asha Bhosle to inaugurate the museum whenever it is ready. “Ashaji accepted the invitation,” Deb said, adding that “I have also invited her to Tripura, the land of Pancham da on behalf of the 37 lakhs people of the state.”

Sadly, RD Burman and his father, the eminent late music director SD Burman, visited Tripura only a few times. But it is good to know that talent is being recognised so long after those who owned it have passed on.