Rekha Bhardwaj doesn’t like the drama in music reality shows!

We’ve watched them, you’ve watched them and because so many people watch them, reality shows on television are not just big business for makers and sponsors but have multiplied to the point of being repetitive and ridiculous. There has been lots written and said about what actually happens to the winners – and the losers – of these contests and we don’t have to remind you of that. But what brings them into the here and now this time is a tweet by singer Rekha Bhardwaj. She asks a very valid question: “I am not able to understand why there is so much drama in Music reality shows ?"

Take a look at the thread…

And then she continued with:  “Today i felt very sad! And i pray Khuda na kare main kabhi is tarah ke mediocre show ki hissa banun. Coz in the name of music its just noise and every song has to make you dance! (I pray to God to never let me become part of such type of mediocre shows).”

Rekhaji had more to say. She tweeted on…“Nobody’s concerned about these talented kids future !!! What disappoints me and saddens me is that rather than guiding these kids to treat music as Ibaadat/Prayer we are teaching them to compete /ask for votes/ learn to look glamorous ... in the name of Guru Shishya Parampara we are using their age and spoiling their innocence !!”

Very true indeed, no? Do you agree with Rekha Bhardwaj? Or do you think that all is fair in love and music reality shows? Do tell us….