Roop Sidhu and Dolly Sidhu unveil how much they know about each other!

They may be sisters, but how well do these two really know each other? Any guesses?  We at SoundboxIndia wanted to test their knowledge in a little game called "How well do you know each other?". 

We asked the sisters all about their favourites - actors, food, icon, place, what social media accounts they use most of the time, what songs they are currently listening to on loop and more. The goal was to make them give the correct answer and then find out if they were right. 

How many did they get right? How many did they get completely wrong? Watch the video below to find out. 

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If you haven't watched the music video of their latest single, Teri maa, or didn't have the time to check our review of their song, click on the link right here.

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