Sachet-Parampara: Irshad Kamil came after the composition was done of Bekhalayi!

Music composer duo Sachet-Parampara composed and sang Mere sohneya and Bekhalayi from the Sandeep Reddy Vanga film Kabir Singh. They told us EXCLUSIVELY whether they read the script of the film and if the brief was given to them by the director, and more...

Did you read the script of the film while making the song Bekhayali for Kabir Singh?  
Parampara: Of course, we always read the script.  
Sachet: The character, the mood, when the character reacts... everything should be understood perfectly. So we go through the process of reading the scripts.  
Parampara: And that is very important when you are doing film music. In independent music it is different, because first you make the song and then you recognise what kind of video will suit it or what mood the video should have.  
Sachet: Yes, doing music film is a different thing, because it is based on the script and you have to go according to that.  
What was the brief given to you by Sandeep Reddy Vanga about the soundtrack?  
Sachet: He wanted something like five different emotions and wanted a character song in different situations. He depicted what songs he wanted, but first he gave us a brief about Bekhayali. He told us that he wanted the main song for the film - which turned out to be the face of the song for the film! He also told us about Kabir Singh's character, that he is an angry person who is madly in love.  
Parampara: We never thought that this song would be for three minutes and it went on and on...  
 There is no template that we actually had to follow. It is because of the feel.  
Parampara: About the timing - it was a big discussion on making music with the team. They were like, who would listen to such a big song in this era? And in three minutes usually all the songs end.  
Yes, even we thought a lot about whether we should release it with a six-minute soundtrack or a seven-minute one.  

But when we go live, we feel so happy because people are singing every single line of the song. Six- seven minute songs I think is the best feeling. The song is also written beautifully by Irshad Kamil. So to capture the emotions was very important. A big team is behind this song.  
How was it collaborating with Irshad Kamil? 
He is very good. The thoughts he writes and the way he expresses love through his work is amazing.  
How did you get Irshad Kamil on board?  
Sachet: It was the team's effort. Irshad came after the composition was done. So we made the melodies first and then, later on, to uplift the thing, words are really important.  
Parampara: We actually made the composition based on the 'Na na na' and later the tune became and then we got the lyrics for Bekhayali.  

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What made you'll choose Irshad in particular?  
Parampara: It was the team's decision and according to the film vision the director also taught that he would write the emotions well. We were really happy to get him on board for the song.  

Kabir Singh is an official remake of the Telugu film Arjun Reddy. What musical references did you take from the original film?    
Sachet: I think, nothing, because for the Bollywood audience the taste is different as compared to for South music.  
Parampara: We both are really fond of South music - you discover fresh tunes. And we keep listening to South music, but we work for the Hindi industry and we want to know what in particular everyone likes in terms of the sound, the lyrics, the composition, and we want to deliver to pan-India, who understand the music and equally, enjoy it. There was no reference taken except for the reference our hearts gave us, and we went ahead with it.
Sachet: The character steals you away and so we understood what we had to deliver to our audience. We wanted to make a song that reached the audience's heart. The director's vision is the captain of the ship who reaches out with the film to audiences and chooses a certain road.  
Parampara: When we met Shahid sir, Bhushan sir and the team, the reach of the song was really amazing and everybody loved it. Kiara Advani was really fond of Mere sohneya and Bekhayali, both. So the happy vibe was from the beginning itself and during the shoot also everybody like the music of Bekhayali and Mere sohneya.