Sachet-Parampara: There are a lot of films that we recently signed!

Sachet-Parampara were at our studio and EXCLUSIVELY spoke about the process of making the music for Mere sohneya from Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani's film Kabir Singh. Sachet also talked about how he feels after the success of his new song Psycho saiyyan from Prabhas' film Saaho. He shared his experience with us working with Dhvani Bhanushali and Tanishk Bagchi, and more.... 


Mere sohneya is garnering a lot of views and has been loved.  What was the process?  
Sachet: This was the song that Sandeep Reddy Vanga loved in our first meeting.   

Parampara: Actually, it was a very special moment for us. When we were working on this song and composed it, we has Sandeep sir listen to it and while we were singing it,  he immediately started speaking dialogue from the film: "Preeti, marry me, marry me right now."  
Sachet: He was so connected to it. The way he was into it, it looked like the film was everything for him. Also, when we were presenting and singing along with the lyrics 'Bann thann ke mutiyara aaiyan, aayiaan patola bannke, kanna de vich peepal pattiyan',  as soon as we ended the song, he was visualizing it.  
Parampara: We still have the recording of the songs and we get goosebumps even now. And that is how both songs connected in the film so well. Also, it connected with people so much - the team's convection was so strong. And we got really lucky that it happened so brilliantly.  
Sachet: Yes, the song's visual is so beautiful  - it is presented as a wedding track. And the lyrics say, 'Bann thann ke mutiyara aaiyan, aayiaan patola bannke, kanna de vich peepal pattiyan', which is about when a woman is getting ready for her marriage.  
Parampara: It is just about the beauty of a woman, kis taraj woh bandan ke taraf arahe hai aur patola banke. The lyrics are also very simple.  
You made an acoustic version of Mere sohneya - whose idea was that?  

Sachet: Actually, it was everybody...and of course, Bhushan sir as well. He wanted to give the audience a gift with a different flavour from the film's version.  
Parampara: Also, the film has done so well, as has all the music. It was Bhushan sir who wanted us to do this and it immediately happened. The film is still running successfully in theatres. Also, many people tagged us to do an acoustic version of Bekhayali and Mere sohneya. And things are still in process for other songs.  

What about independent singles - when are you going to release them? 

Sachet-Parampara: Very soon. 

Sachet, you have sung Psycho saiyyan from Prabhas' film Saaho - how was collaborating with Dhavni Bhanushali and Tanishk Bagchi? 

Sachet: I think Tanishk is a very talented music composer and the way he creates beats and the music is really awsome. And this song is very different from the kind of music he does. He goes into a very trippy zone and it is a very tough song to sing. 

Parampara: The range is very high for a male singer to sing. 

Sachet, did you expect that Psycho saiyyan would become a chartbuster? 

Sachet: Because it is Prabhas' film, definitely everybody wanted to see him - I'm a huge fan of Prabhas and to sing for him was different and really special. Psycho saiyyan touched 50 million in two weeks, so it is really big. 

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What about future projects? 
Parampara: There are a lot of films that we have recently signed and work is still going on. They will release in a few months.  
Sachet: I'm looking forward to Ajay Devgn's film, Taanaji: The Unsung Warrior.  
Parampara: Yes, that is the period film that has grand music and the songs are quite different. We have that on our list, along with many more.