Safar: Clinton Cerejo, Gajendra Verma and Prakriti Kakar's new rock anthem!
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After impressing everyone with the Badla’s soundtrack which had Amitabh Bachchan singing over his music, Clinton Cerejo has some new additions to the list of his musical collaborations. The names of his recent collaborators are Gajendra Verma, the singer behind Tera ghata and Prakriti Kakar.

The song which is titled as Safar is a pure rock music influenced song. In the video, you can watch them performing it on the stage of the chat show Jammin. This original song is written by Siddhant Kaushal.

The song opens with Clinton playing his acoustic guitar and gradually increasing the singing pitch. Verma soon joins him on the vocals. This singing combination is definitely explosive on the stage. Looking at the live audience grooving to the song, Prakriti Kakar’s entrance was quite a surprise.

While we didn’t get to hear Kakar actually sing, her Hindustani classical humming was something new to listen to.

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