Samuel Singh’s EDM cover of Rinkiya ke papa already has 1 million views!
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The singer loves India so much that he changed his last name to Singh. The talented singer went viral with his EDM cover of the super hit Bhojpuri song Rinkiya ke papa, which grabbed eyeballs all over the world. 

This rendition by Samuel is way different from the original track by Manoj Tiwari. The Nigerian singer's version has a unique twist - it is soft and sweet, while the original track is a peppy number. 

 Samuel shared his song on his YouTube channel on December 28  last year and in no time it had garnered one million views! Amazing, right? This has left viewers pleasantly surprised. Yup, don't believe me? 

Check out both the tracks now!

We would love to listen to more Indian covers done by Samuel. Don't you agree?