Is Shah Rukh Khan part of a special song: Tu desh mera?

Ahead of 15th August, Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan has shot for a special song in tribute to the martyrs of the Pulwama attack. The violence of February 14, 2019, left the entire nation shocked. Here is how Bollywood musicians reacted to the incident 

In April this year we gave you music lovers deets about Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor getting involved in a tribute music video. That one was scheduled to be released on CRPF day, April 9, but it was postponed. Now we hear that the track called Tu desh mera will also feature Shah Rukh Khan, who is not doing much after the debacle of Zero, his last film. 

CPRF has released the official poster of the song, calling it the "Tribute Song for #CRPF Martyrs of Pulwama #TuDeshMera by @HAPPYPRODINDIA. Bollywood comes together to pay homage to the Pulwama Martyrs of #CRPF." Check out the post right here. 



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