Shashi Khushi: It's difficult to outdo High Court!

Music composers Shashi Khushi talk to Megh Rao from SoundboxIndia about their experience in making their first song - High Court. They reveal more details on their upcoming singles.

*What’s the best thing about working together as a band?
Khushi:  I think the good part is that we both are not singers. We both have different musical strengths and that is the reason why we are together. What I bring on the table he cannot do and what he brings on the table I cannot do. No one is insecure about anything. We both are happy doing our work and that together as a team – we are in a comfortable space with each other. We are also focused on making music and it’s the best part.
Shashi: Ek se bhale do!

*How did you (Khushi) start singing?
I am learning singing from Shashi. He asks me to wake up at 4 am and practice but that’s a difficult thing for me because I sleep at 4 am. I am slowly learning to sing but I don’t know a lot of it. Shashi is a very good singer – he wakes up at 4 in the morning every day and practice. Kai baar main party se aa raha hota hun aur yeh alaap kheech rahe hote hai subeh subeh. I am also starting to rap now and hopefully, you will be able to listen to my rap in our upcoming songs. I have been practising on that a lot more than singing these days.

And Shashi are you learning anything new these days?
I am learning something new every day. It’s my nature, I like learning. 

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After High Court, are there any more Punjabi singles coming up?
Khushi: Yes, we have a lot of music coming. We have made a deal with VYRL music that we will release four to five songs this year and we will be building out YouTube channel where we will upload our own music. So there’s a lot of music coming out this year – Punjabi, Hindi, but basically commercial hip hop. Hopefully hamare kafi love songs bhi aayenge. We have good slow numbers too and we are open to collaborate with others too and make music for others also. The more we work with others, we will get to learn a lot more and get a good exposure also. We are open to everything right now. High Court was only the beginning. Thoda time lagta hai kisi chiz ko shuru karne main butu abhi patri pea a chuki hai toh chalti rehgi. Ab usko goods train se bullet train bana na hai. 

*How was the experience of working together for High Court?
Khushi: I think High Court was our most favourite song, not because it was our first song but because where ever we played that song – we used to play it at least four times. People used to say ‘Aapke baki ke gaane bhi ache hai par who wala doobara suna na’. So when that started happening everywhere, we thought there’s something special in this song. That is why we chose to start with High Court. The response has been amazing. People have been listening to the song around the world and it went viral on Tiktok app as well. For our first song, I think it’s a great start. Obviously, it can always get better and we will always try that. There’s no single person from the industry or the audience who doesn’t even know Punjabi ever said this song is not good. The response has been so supportive that we are finding it hard to think about our next song and how we can make it better.  Even on the way here, we were thinking about which song we should do that will be better than High Court. Gaane sare ache hai but it's difficult to outdo that song. It’s our first song and it’s always special to us.