Shreya Sharma: I started learning music when I was four years old!

Singer Shreya Sharma had a dream debut with Prada, a song picturised on Alia Bhatt. She was at our studio for an exclusive candid conversation with Joanne D'silva and spoke about her experience working with The Doorbeen boys (Onkar Singh and Gautam Sharma). She also shared how her musical journey started, whether she faced any difficulties and so on... 

Tell us something about your musical background...

It started when my mom heard me humming some music and thought that 'My daughter can sing and I should give her some music lessons'. So she got a classical music teacher to come home and teach me - I wanted to quit many times. I think like a four-year-old child I was a little bored and my music teacher was blind. And when he taught me the harmonium, he would hit my fingers a little hard, because he didn't have any idea where my fingers were and how small my hands were. So I kept crying to my mom and said that 'It hurts and I don't want to do it'. She would say that one day I would thank her. So I thank my mom for asking me to not give up.  Later, I started performing on stage and went to New York to study opera music and theatre. And I interned there for about a year. I think over time I kept learning and meeting performers and at the same time performing in small plays.  I did that for a while, then moved to Bombay and started doing jingles. Also, I started working on my YouTube channel and doing shows. And soon I met The Doorbeen boys and then Prada happened. It took almost a year to get the Prada video fully into shape because we made a few changes in the middle. But now that it is here... my first track is like my baby and it has come out perfect. I can't say anything wrong about it! 

How did you come on board for the Prada song? 

I think I meet The Doorbeen boys randomly and they heard one of my tracks; the following week they asked me to come to their house and record something. Their song Lamberghini was picking up at that time. I don't think they knew that the song would become so massive. We recorded this song and I remember listening to the lyrics and told myself, 'Oh, this so much fun and I have never done anything like this before'. It is very fresh and has a lot of attitude and it is very spunky. So I knew that I wanted to do it. At the same time Lambergini blew up, so I asked if our song was happening and how the process for Prada was going, were there any changes. We met one day and they told me that it was time to start working on Prada. The vocals were done, so they wanted to just release it. 

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How was your experience working with The Doorbeen?  

My experience working with them was amazing. They have so much energy and they are such fun people to work with. They immediately make you feel at home and they don't have an attitude like, 'Oh, I'm a hitmaker - I made Lamberghini.' They don't have that vibe around them, which is so good. They are like my friends and my family. Even when I went to record, for an hour we would just chat and have fun and, in the end, we'd focus on work. Even while working, we had so many fun takes, so it was great.