Simantinee Roy: Music happened to me at a very young age!

US-based singer Simantinee Roy spoke to SoundboxIndia about her musical journey. She shared with us if she faced challenges and explained how happy she is about her new song, Tere saath, which released on Zee Music Company's YouTube channel. 

How would you describe your musical journey? 

Music happened to me at a very young age, even before taking any vocal lessons or formal training. I used to follow my sister Ujjayinee Roy, who is a playback singer now in the South; she is also a TV actress. I used to accompany her in stage shows. She would do her riyaaz at home and i would pick up those lessons through her.  That is how I got involved in music and that is how it started. Nine years back I took vocal lessons from my guruji and I was an All India Radio child artiste. I did a lot of programmes on All India Radio and took formal training in Hindustani vocal and Tagore songs. I'm a Bengali, so Rabindranath Tagore is part and parcel of our life. I used to do a lot of Bengali folk music all this happened when I was really young. My mom is an eminent writer, a poet and a lyricist. So music was naturally in my family - it was never a specific genre. My mom made us listen to all kinds of music,  from ghazals and bhajans to classical,  jazz and blues. 

Did you face challenges as you worked on your music?  

Absolutely! Unless you face challenges, how would you push yourself and push that envelope? How would you challenge yourself to learn something new? Music is a kind of worship for me and every day is a new day. Every little note and all that I have learned is always new to me and I love experimenting and like exploring different aspects of music. I would say that there were certain days I couldn't understand the concept behind a particular composition that I was working on. Sometimes you get frustrated, that why is the tune not coming to you, or why don't you get the theory behind the notation. I am specifically referring to the classical lessons that I used to take. I still remember that my mom used to make me sit and go through all the notations and make sure that I understood the history of the concept behind those compositions. So it was really tough those days,  especially when you are young and not exposed to a lot of different types of music. Today, technology is different and new artistes get to explore a lot  as compared to those days, but nevertheless, you overcome those challenges and work hard. 

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You recently released a song Tere saath on Zee Music Company’s YouTube channel - how did you become a part of this song? 

The brief that Dev da gave me for the track was very interesting - he said that the music is romantic, melodious, and it is groovy. And it has a contemporary flavour and that is what we wanted the track to come out as. The song came out really well and it has been appreciated worldwide. Even my colleagues from the industry loved it and I have received a lot of accolades and kudos from several popular names. It feels really nice that I was part of this song and we had a blast doing it.