Singer-songwriter Bryan Ferry turns 74!

English singer-songwriter Bryan Ferry’s music is the epitome of the ‘elegant, seductive croon’, according to critics. He has a suave style in both his performance and his fashion, often being called ‘an art object who should hang in the Tate Gallery (London)’. He started his musical career as the lead singer and songwriter with the glam art band Roxy Music and got 3 No 1 albums and 10 top-charting singles like Virginia plain, Street life, Dance away, Angel eyes and others. In 1973 he went solo with songs such as A hard rain’s gonna fall and This is tomorrow, and then quit Roxy Music to make his own career happen. It worked since he sold over 30 million records globally.

What sets Ferry apart from the rest of the singer-songwriter folks around is his style and artistic sensibilities. He has been cited as ‘Pop’s original art-school bobby-dazzler’ by GQ magazine, which called him the "world's best-dressed and most languidly mannered deluxe chanteur". Esquire magazine described any interaction with Ferry as ‘a bespoke event, a louche ensemble of elegant affectations’. And cultural critic Peter York has called him ‘the best possible example of the ultimate art-directed existence’. Ferry claims he has been influenced by people like Richard Hamilton, Humphrey Bogart, Marcel Duchamp and others, to whom he has dedicated music.

Here are 4 songs that show off Bryan Ferry the musician and the style icon…

  • Don’t stop the dance
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  • Will you love me tomorrow
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  • Slave to love
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  • Let’s stick together
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