Soneya by Ruppin is a upbeat pop song!
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VYRLOriginals is one of the music labels to look out for, if you are looking for some upbeat and international pop sounding pop music from Indian artistes. While most of the Indian music listeners are all excited about India’s hip hop sounds, there are many other singers who are making the most of the online streaming services to get their voice heard by the music listeners.

The latest single from VYRLOriginals titled as Soneya, is sung by Ruppin. Listening to the music, the groove and tempo match with the international singer The Weeknd’s Starboy. His voice takes the song another step closer to matching it with the international singer’s upbeat song.

One of the other interesting things is that Ruppin’s voice doesn’t sound like it needed too much auto-tuning. The music is composed by Denny and Rupinn and has many vocal tracks with multiple effects playing in the background which add to the overall listening experience of the pop music genre. The lyrics are written by Rupinn and include a mix of Punjabi and Hindi words making Soneya more popular among music listeners in India.

Do you think the Punjabi artistes are all set to re-invent the pop music culture in India? Hip-hop’s already done and dusted by the Punjabi rappers. Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Meanwhile, stay tuned to SoundBox India for more updates.