From The Stage to screen?

Did you watch Half Girlfriend? Yeah, the Mohit Suri film with Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha (no relation) Kapoor, that’s the one. There were two songs in it that were written by someone who is definitely non-filmi, though that tag could change in the future. Anushqa, who was ‘discovered’ on season one of the TV reality English signing contest show The Stage and lasted to become a finalist, wrote Stay a little longer and Lost without you for the movie. She will soon release her first international single, Something in common, with a label that represents The Vamps, James Bay, Bastille and others that anyone interested would have heard of. Do we expect to see Anushqa back in Bollywood, now that the firangis are interested in her? Think of all those who have made the journey and then come right back home to make music for Indian cinema. Get it?