Stephen Colbert transforms BTS into The Beatles

The craze that KPop band BTS has generated is very similar to that The Beatles created, which was called Beatlemania. On an episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, he took the South Korean heartthrobs back in time in two ways. First, he had them dressed up as The Beatles. He then took them to the Ed Sullivan theatre where The Beatles made their American debut, which started the British invasion of America. This time though it’s the South Korean invasion since BTS has helped other KPop bands to come into prominence.

The video is a funny take on entertainment history. Many people have been comparing the fan phenomenon that both BTS and The Beatles created. They were both successful for many of the same reasons. The youth and good looks of both The Beatles and BTS accounted for much of their success since a large percentage of the fan base were and are young girls. Another major reason for the success of both bands is the fact that they wrote and have written on issues that people relate to. The Beatles wrote songs on affection, longing, feeling, blue and many other things. BTS have written many songs on self-love, a very prominent topic of interest today.

But will BTS have a legacy that lasts as long as that of The Beatles? Only time will tell. But one very significant thing that BTS have achieved is challenging the idea that mainstream music only comes from the West.