Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar: Robby Singh is extremely professional!

Introduction: Twin sisters Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar spoke to Joanne D'silva about the choreography of their first music video Sudhar ja, and their experience working with Robby Singh and more...

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How did the choreography happen? 

Prakriti: There is this amazing girl called Dionne D'Souza who has helped us with the choreography and she has killed it, because she understood our body language and she wanted us to do steps that we are not very comfortable with. The only reason was that it was our first music video. But maybe for our second video we will go even more experimental, now we know how it is done. I think Dionne has really observed us and she has given us steps that suited us. 

Sukriti: Also, we wanted to be a clutter-breaker, because all the songs that we watched didn't have a full routine of choreography. Obviously there was lip-syncing and different things, but they don't have a full drop section where there is hardcore choreography. And we wanted to achieve that. We worked for a month and a half just on the routine and. in fact, we met the dancers when we landed for the shoot. It was just whatever we could bring to the table and they had been prepping before and thankfully it all fell in place. 

Any BTS you would like to share?

Prakriti: We were doing two shows consecutively and we did that and landed in Dubai immediately after. We had a gig in Bangalore, then we had a gig in Doha. I remember our flight was at 7 in the morning. We didn't rest and we were rolling at 11 am. So we didn't have a night of proper sleep at all. 

Sukriti: When we woke up in the morning, we told each other that it is shoot day and we have two days to do everything and by the time we started shooting, Robby Singh had an amazing team - everybody was having their protein shakes and amazing energy drinks and that was our BTS and what we did. 

How was your experience with Robby Singh? 

P: It was amazing. This was the first time we have collaborated with him. He operates from Punjab and he edits also from there. Unfortunately, we couldn't make a trip to Patiala to check the music video and we were very scared because it was our first video. But we have to say that when he gave us the first cut, we were so happy and I think that his first cuts are also the final cuts. He is extremely professional. 

S: I think when you're working with somebody, you have to trust their vision. When we met him it felt like we all were on the same page. We trusted him and we told him that this is yours and do whatever you want to do. The outcome was amazing and collectively, the entire team was happy with it.

Which do you prefer, recording in the studio or performing live at a concert? 

S: Both of these are your babies and you really can't decide which is better. 

P: But live performances won't happen if you don't record. You have to be in the dubbing studio to record for good films, so that people call you for concerts. I think it is a process that we can't compare. 

S: When you're in the studio, it is all about singing and getting involved in the song. When you are on the stage, it is more involvement with people. 

P: They are two different ballgames. But who is good at recording can or cannot be good at performing live, because it is completely different. I think we enjoy both, because I think when we are singing to a bunch of people, when they sing along, it is a different feeling. 

Sukriti, which is your favourite track sung by you? 

Kar gayi chull was a changing point for me in my life, because the track was a hit. When a song connects with everybody and when it reaches like 200-300 million views, it is just amazing.  I think the first is very, very special and when Pehli baar happened, I was astounded. Before that, I sang for smaller films, but at that time it just stamps you as an official playback singer. I didn't expect it to happen so soon. So of course, Pehli baar is very, very special.