Tanishk Bagchi: I take the proverb 'Old is Gold' very seriously!

Tanishk Bagchi and Zara Khan talked to Joanne D'silva about their experience working together and shared EXCLUSIVELY what qualities they like about each other. Tanishk, who is currently making waves with his recreation of old songs, talked about the process. They also revealed what is next for them on their to-do lists and more... 

Zara, what is one quality you like about Tanishk? 

Zara: He is very down to earth and he won't show off much.  He has got a good name and credibility for his craft and music. When I met him for the first time he was just like a cute little kid sitting in a chair. It was a very different experience, very refreshing and beautiful, and at the same time, he is so easy and nice to work with. There was no clash anywhere and overall as an artiste you can give in and completely and just let your creative thoughts flow. It was amazing to work with him. And that is one quality I really like about him that he still carries and wears really well. 

Tanishk, what is one quality you like about Zara? 

Tanishk: Zara is a person who has a lot of magic in her and all the qualities are filled into that secret box. As of now I have not yet opened that secret box, but I know that she has a lot of qualities hidden in it. Till now, only one diamond is out and she has definitely shown how well she sings. Of course she is good at acting. Even Salma aunty and her sister sing and they all have different different textures of voice that I have really not heard. I obviously go for a singer who has her own texture rather than a trained singer. Like Asees Kaur - I love her voice and she has an independent character. I'm very selective of singers I work with. And when it's my own music, at that point in time I am very cautious about it who will sing it. So in Khud se zyada Zara's voice and mine really blended so well and complemented each other. Even the colourful clothes that I am wearing, she has chosen for me. So I am really happy to work with her as a human being. 

Zara: Oh God! See now, these days he is in a space where he is celebrating his success. I don't know if you'll have heard this, but he has hit 9.1 million views, which is amazing. He is the first music director who has achieved such a  success. So I thought that I should just add to it and make him look more colourful, just as he is feeling inside. 

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Tanishk, what is your take on recreation of songs? 

Tanishk: Music has been the only thing that I am surviving on. My finances, my emotions, my self and I are all completely in music. It is everything for me. Even the recreated song, I start making it from scratch. And I make recreations because old songs get lost somewhere and people don't know about them. Now when some people listen to it, they want to know, why did he recreate this song! I tell them, why don't you listen to the old songs! Because there are plenty of songs that have been made and people tend to forget them. Fortunately, the masses are good and they expect both songs - the recreated one, as well as the original. Even music like Ve maahi and Vaaste have got millions of views, but we cannot fool the people. They obviously listen to the lyrics, the melody, and dance to the tune. 

Zara: I have had the pleasure of seeing him work and he really creates each and every sound and melody from scratch, by himself. And he puts his whole life into the song. Today one song has a limited life. even though it gets all the attention and is a big hit. So when it becomes old, the music becomes classic. It also becomes like an 'old is a gold' kinda song. He extracts that melody and adds his own to it and revamps it and makes it a song of today, which is not easy to do, because you need that right combination. Also, you can really mess it up and make it horrible, with people hating it and getting annoyed.  

Tanishk: The proverb 'old is gold' I really take seriously. And of course, all old things are gold and you cannot make that gold look like copper. And I will definitely make generations dance to these songs - I am just the mediator.