Tanishk Bagchi: My focus has always been to do music!

Tanishk Bagchi makes his debut as a singer-songwriter in Khud se zyada, which just released on VRYL Originals. The song also features Zara Khan who also debuts as a singer in this one. We at SoundboxIndia had a candid conversation with both talented musicians - they spoke to Joanne D'silva about their experience of collaborating with each other. Tanishk also talked about his first-time experience featuring in the music video and more... 

Tanishk, this is your first non-film song - how did you shift focus from doing film music? 

I didn't shift my focus at all. My focus has always been to do music and doing non-film music and film music are both important for me. I had earlier done Vaaste, which was a non-film song, but this track, Khud se zyada, is like my debut. Definitely, film life is different as compared to non-film, and when a new singer comes on board to work with me, they are so frustrated and they have so much ability to do things, but somehow their dream shatters at times.  I have a lot of support from people and VRYL Originals is really a good company that supports young artistes. I wish this year or in the coming years, a lot of musicians work with this label. This single is something like that, which tells you yes, something can happen in the future. 

Zara, you're singing for the first time - how did this song happen? 

I sent Tanishk a song of mine and I thought to myself, who better to give an opinion about it! I casually sent it and didn't have anything in mind at all. He heard the song and told me to come to the studio. So when I went there, he played Khud se zyada for me, and the rest is history. Tanishk liked my voice and later this beautiful song happened. It was wonderful and the song and lyrics are very nice - just to work with him was such a wonderful experience. 

Zara, did you always have a dream to sing? 

Singing is in my family. So it is something that comes naturally and I like this proverb: the apple never falls far from the tree. My grandmother has been singing, my mother has been singing, so music is in my family, and very prominently. And also, acting and singing definitely go hand in hand. 

Tanishk, you are also featuring in a music video (of Khud se zyada) for the first time - do you prefer composing or acting? 

Ye first time work sun ke mera halat hi kharab hote hai. Obviously this experience was good for me, because I left my studio and went out for the shoot. And it was a completely different place for me, but I was enjoying myself there.  I have been working for the past four years and making songs in my studio. My mother used to give me food as if I was in jail (laughs).  So getting out of there it was like freedom for me. Also, I have not gone out much, though I have visited places like Thailand. So going to shoot in Australia for this song was a completely different experience for me. I used to think about how people would be there. What happens sometimes is when a musician goes to a different place and is in a new environment, they definitely compose songs.  If I went there, I would definitely have composed 30-40 songs. 

Zara: You should take a trip every month. 

Tanishk: It does not happen. I don't get the time to. And also, re-creation bohot sara hoti thi, which I was working on. I also wanted to work on originals. So it is a beautiful thing that happened to me and it is beautiful chemistry in the music video, everything was so naturally done.  I am not an actor. 

Zara: What is this, hero? 

Tanishk: No, that is the thing, because when I make songs... you don't see a character you cannot relate to. So in this song, I was only acting, so I could really relate to it. I knew what my expressions would be and as I was featuring with Zara, I knew her expressions as well. 

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Tanishk, did you get nervous while shooting for the music video of Khud se zyada

Obviously! I was supposed to fall down from the yacht - that shows how nervous I was (laughs). 

Tanishk, what was the process when you sat down to write the lyrics for Khud se zyada?

Actually, I have written a lot of songs. I wrote VaasteVe maahi, Saki saki... I think to write the lyrics you have to really think and it is important to know what you are trying to portray. While writing the lyrics for Khud se zyada I was thinking about myself as a hero. What would I think about that hero whose relationship is very close and the lyrics I wrote are based on particular situations. But the situation is not based on whether I have fallen in love with someone and that is why I wrote this song... no! I think for a situation - if I have fallen in love with someone right now, how do I write in that situation? Even in this song, the concept was that I met a girl and fell  deeply in love with her. Accordingly, I wrote the lyrics for Khud se zyada