Then and now

Sonu Nigam is known for not just his fabulous control over his voice and his music, but also for his maverick attitude and controversial actions. Not too long ago, we heard him take a little crack at actors in today’s day and age. “During the 1970s, at music sittings, actors and other people would come to recordings, but not to advice or teach or interfere with music composers’ or singers’ work.” They were there to learn, to have a good time, maybe give inputs if they were asked for them. “Nowadays everyone has an opinion, whether they have the knowledge or not.” Considering he has a few songs in films released this year so far – Main badhiya tub hi badhiya from Sanju, Kulfi from 102 Not Out and Acche bacche nahin rote from Hope Aur Hum being the most prominent – we are left wondering who these opinionated souls are. Any ideas?