Tulsi Kumar: Akhil has a certain feel in his voice that the audiences love!

Tulsi Kumar has been on a winning music enthusiasts heart with her recent songs Tu laung mein elaichi, Paaniyon sa and Soch na sake. It was yesterday when Tulsi Kumar's soft ballad Tere ban jaunga from Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani's film Kabir Singh released on T-Series YouTube channel. 

About the song, Tulsi explains that it will plant itself strongly in the minds of the people. "The soulful melody, the stirring lyrics and the visuals of the song combine beautifully sending listeners on a journey of love and belonging. The first time I heard this song, it stayed with me and I kept humming it again and again. It has a very strong melody and the best part about this song are the lyrics." 

On collaborating with Akhil Sachdeva for the first time, she said, "The song definitely touch everyone's hearts and I feel Akhil has a certain feel in his voice that the audiences love. Tera Bann Jaunga isn't just a song, it's a feeling everyone has felt at some point of time."

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