Vishal Mishra: I met the right people at the right time!

Vishal Mishra talks to Joanne D’silva about his musical journey in Bollywood and shares how he feels about climbing the ladder of success. He also talked about independent music and more... 

You began your music career two years ago and you have climbed the ladder of success in the Hindi music industry - how has the experience been? 

It’s been beautiful and it has been more than a dream. People have been very kind. And I have met the right people at the right time. God has blessed me with beautiful people around me who have given me so much love. And they have been loving my music and I’m really looking forward to making more music, as God has given me this beautiful opportunity. 

Before Takda rava you sang Kaise hua from Kabir Singh and it was ruling the charts for a long time - did you expect that it would get so much love?

Whenever you make a song you want it to be very big. And it is so in the case of everything that you do it in life, in the best way that is possible. I knew that there was something magical about this song, but then it became immensely popular - more than I could have even imagined. And as an artiste, a person should always seek understanding. When you are understood, there is a void that you don’t express to people when you make a song. When people connect to that, I think is when the win happens. You tell yourself that you have won! I definitely want to credit my listeners, because they have given me so much love for this song and it means the most to me.

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How did you come up with the R&B concept for Takda rava? 

I wanted to do something different and I have been doing a lot of film songs of late. So I wanted to change the style of my music this time in Tadka rava. My next single is also a ballad. So I thought, let’s change Tadka rava a bit and do something peppy. I’m so glad that people are responding positively. Also, in the music video you see me dancing - I have been forced to dance! I have tried to manage and I’m glad that people are finding it cute and nice. Many of them are also grooving to this track and sending me their covers and uploading them on social media. And overall, working on this track has been a very beautiful experience. 

What about the choreography? Who was it taught by? 

The choreography was done by Mudassar Khan and he just told me that I had to hit mosquitoes - that was the hook step. Dance and me have not been friends since childhood, so now I’m glad that I got to explore that side of me as well. Also, I’m glad that people are liking it.