Vishal Mishra's Bumro from Notebook is out!
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After releasing the first music video, Nai lagda, the second track, Laila and the jukebox. now, the makers of Notebook have released the music video of Bumro giving us a visual treat. 

In the music video, Zaheer Iqbal is seen dancing with the kids whom he teaches. The playful relationship between Zaheer and the children is the sweetest thing you will come across. The music video is set in the backdrop of beautiful Kashmir. The song is sung by Kamaal Khan, the lyrics are penned by Kaushal Kishore and the original lyrics are taken from a Kashmiri folk song.

We first heard Bumbro in the Hrithik Roshan starrer Mission Kashmir. That song was composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. Though the tune for the Notebook song may seem like the same one, we need to remember that Bumbro is a very popular Kashmiri folk song which was also the inspiration for the Mission Kashmir song in the first place.

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When talking to Box Office India, Vishal Mishra, has said the same thing,“There is no recreation in this film. Bumro is not a recreation. It has nothing to do with Mission Kashmir. Mission Kashmir used the folk song Bumbro and they made an original song out of it. Similarly, even I have used a folk song and made an original song out of it"

What do you think about both the songs and the similarities? And, which version did you like- Hrithik Roshan's ( Bumbro ) or Zaheer Iqbal's (Bumro), tell us in the comments section below.