Watch Armenian folk musicians perform Black Sabbath

When someone mentions Black Sabbath, the first thing to come to mind is explosive music with dark lyrics. You wouldn’t really associate them with traditional Armenian folk music, would you? This video will totally change your mind.

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An Armenian folk ensemble covers the Black Sabbath song She’s gone. They are playing traditional Armenian folk instruments. These instruments look quite similar to Indian classical instruments.

Since the song is being played on these instruments, the sound is kind of different. Same notes, but a different sound. She’s gone has some pretty complex riffs composed by Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi which they reproduce beautifully on these folk instruments.

And Tony Iommi saw the performance and met the ensemble. He absolutely loved their take on the Black Sabbath song and posted the video on his Facebook page.

Unfortunately there will be no new music from Black Sabbath since they had their final tour two years ago before parting ways for good.

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