Watch this mental health awareness song

This day and age is full of stress and anxiety. Life is hectic and fast paced for most of us. Social media doesn’t make it much better. We are constantly seeing people achieve success early and live an amazing life on our timelines. But what we see online is only a tiny bit of reality. Those people have their own problems and issues, just like us.

This is exactly the message that Ian Paynton wants to send us through his song Find me in the mountains. He urges us to have empathy for everyone because that is the most important quality to help everyone. Jealousy and pettiness won’t.

This song is super relatable and uplifting. As he says we all need a breather. This is absolutely true. Whatever we do its necessary to take a break. We aren’t machines, designed to do the same thing over and over again.

What is interesting about Find me in the mountains is that the percussion is completely beat boxed. The song ends with Ian Paynton urging everyone to reach out and listen to each other.

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