What happened to Rihanna's new album?

Rihanna has been making headlines in the musical world. Ahead of congratulating her for becoming the richest female musician, fans have been asking her about when her new album will release. On her social media platforms they have been asking her, “Where’s R9?"

Riri may not have an answer about the release date of her ninth studio album, R9, but she has promised that the music is going to be a really fun ride. 

We have to say that Riri has a lot on her plate and she has to balance her cosmetics empire, her lingerie company and her recently launched Fenty luxury fashion label. But we all know that music is her first love and when asked exactly when the new music will be available, she said: “I wish I knew, I have blocked off a solid period of time for the studio next month." 

A few days ago Riri revealed that she was busy in the recording studio and shared a video with the caption: "Behind the scenes of ‘Where’s the album?’ 5:40 a.m.” Check out the post.

While Rihanna has promised her fans that the new album will release next month, we wait to watch what happens next. Till then, stay tuned to SoundBoxIndia for updates from the musical world.