Where did Bappi Lahiri's love for bling come from?

The name Bappi Lahiri conjures two things in our minds, disco music and lots of gold! But do you know how did Bappi Lahiri love relation with bling start?

It began when his mother gave me him his very first gold chain in 1974. And then his wife, Chitrani Lahiri gave him another one in 1977 after they got married. After that, it was all about gold! Today, Bappi Lahiri means gold. Even when he is in New York or London and it’s very cold, his gold chains are hidden under his jacket. Bappi revealed that the Indian public comes and ask: Are you, Bappi Lahiri? And I say, “Yes, I’m Bappi Lahiri.” Then they say, “But where are all the gold chains?” So, across the world now, gold chains are his identity. And people all over the world say, “Bling Bling Bappi Lahiri.”

Recently, on April 25 Bappi Lahiri completed 50 long years in the music industry this year. We at SoundboxIndia congratulate the talented artist. We love Bappi Lahiri's gold chains as much as his music. Don't you? Let us know your views below in the comments section.