Where is Mykki Blanco’s new album?

Mykki Blanco's last song  was Hideaway, on the sensitive topic of HIV/AIDS. The singer honoured National Youth HIV/AID Day on April 10, through the song. Heavily inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement and homocore, the gender fluid rapper is considered one of hip-hop’s queer pioneers. The song and the album came in way back in September 2016 and the music video of Hideaway was released in 2017.

But where is Mykki now? Fans are eagerly awaiting her latest album, Stay Close to Music, Stay Close to God  which was announced by her on her social media platform, The song was supposed to release this year, but it's nearing the end of 2019 and there is no update about a new song or the album. What's going on?

Recently, Mykki was featured in Madonna’s religious Martyn single Dark ballet which di raise the hopes of Blanco fans, but that's all we have heard from her for a while.

While we eagerly wait to hear from the rapper about her next venture, here is the artistically conceptualised video of Hideaway. 

Video Url

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