YouTuber Wilbur Sargunaraj yodels in new song
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When Indians go to shoot in Switzerland it is almost always for a Bollywood film. It was done so heavily in the 90s that it became a cliché. Films that were shot there were almost always romantic dramas. But not every Indian goes there to shoot a cheesy Bollywood film there. Some, like the ‘simple superstar’ Wilbur Sargunaraj go there to make entertaining and informative videos.

Wilbur, who is a popular YouTuber, considers himself a cultural intelligence facilitator. He travels around the world and makes people  aware through informative videos with a comic twist. His latest video is a song in which he actually yodels!

The song is called Where are you Annie and in this video he is trying to get his childhood sweetheart to return through his yodelling skills. If you are put off by stuff that you consider too childish this song might annoy you. But if you’re not then it’ll make you super nostalgic as it’s made in the typical style of songs for kids and is mainly meant for them.

It’s strange though that Wilbur sings with a complete American accent. His trademark South Indian accent which makes him so lovable is missing. Aside from occasionally breaking into Tamil we don’t really hear it. The song would have been better if it was there!

Through this video Wilbur wants to show us the more rural and non-clichéd parts of Switzerland. Maybe when you visit you should go there instead of the locations shown in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge!

Wilbur’s yodelling is totally on point and the video is super fun to watch and hear. We look forward to Wilbur’s next song!


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